IAC Asia & Oceania Championships

Due to current COVID restrictions, the 2022 IAC Asia & Oceania Championships will be moved to online. Registrations is now open! You can find a list of qualified students and teams here (updated as of April 7, 2022).

History Bee Championships (May 28, 2022)
History Bowl Championships (May 28-29, 2022)
Academic Bee Championships (June 4, 2022)
Geography Bee Championships (June 4, 2022)
Science Bee Championships (June 5, 2022)
For detailed schedule, please see here or download the schedule here.

Registration Fees
History Bowl:
300 USD per team of 3 or 4 players
200 USD per team of 2 players
100 USD per team of 1 player

Bee: 60 USD per student per event

Payments are paid via Flywire. Paying by wire transfer must include an additional payment of 35 USD as stated to cover processing fees.

Registration Forms:
Bee Registration Form
History Bowl Registration Form

For students in Mainland China who can’t access the online forms, please use these forms (Bee Form; History Bowl Form)

Registration and Payment Deadline:
May 25, 2022 for Academic, Geography, and Science Bee
June 1, 2022 for History Bee and Bowl

Students who cancel their registration for free prior to the registration deadline. Students dropping after the registration deadline owe 100% of their registration fees.


Online Competition Guide

Online Competition Rules

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